Atlantic Acting School (Kip Fagan)

Riley/Jim Conley (understudy)
New York University (Mary-Catherine Moore)

Look Back in Anger
Cliff Lewis
Thomas Mulhare, Director

Bird Lady
Francis (lead)
EBE Ensemble (Eric Alba)

Le Fou
Jean Paul (lead)
Up in the Air Productions (Jackie Danziger)

Smoke em…
Barry, Pupil, John, Director
Alacrity Players (Sarah Bennett)

Den of Thieves
Paul Handleman
Duende Theatre Group (V. Rendon/M. Shaw)

The Limit of the Tongue
Alex Morgan
The Daughters Collective (Meg Zinky)

Much Ado About Nothing
Don Pedro
Rude Grooms (Kate Pitt)

Romeo and Juliet
Friar Laurence
Rude Grooms (Montgomery Sutton)

Film & Voice

The Search
Adam (lead)
Columbia Grad Film (B. Northcross)

The Treatment
Jack (lead)
NYU Film (Pauline Kausch)

Ghost Hospital(v.o.)
Dr. Gilbert Gardner
Dana Osburn

Education & Training

New York University
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Atlantic Theater Company
3 years conservatory
3 years musical voice training

Michael Robinson Vocal School


National championship chess coach, Accents/Dialects: RP, Cockney, Southern U.S., Irish, Scottish, Russian, Brooklyn, Italian, South Boston, Brahmin. Singing (Range: Tenor to Baritone). Stage Combat experience with John Hayden. 8 years of martial arts. Valid NY Driver’s License.